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e· phem· er· al (adj.)  Lasting for a very short time
transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief
Here Today -> Gone Tomorrow…
Available in very limited quantities!
Like taking a photograph of the setting sun, act quickly before it disappears.

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Tiny Bottles of Embellishments

Tiny Bottles of Embellishments


  • Eight adorable glass bottles, less than 1″ (approx half full)
  • The hole in the plastic stopper’s tab makes it perfect for hanging!
  • Use the empty bottles for jewelry, gift tags, card embellishments, etc.
  • Message in a bottle????

Perfect Cleaning Cloth

It depends upon what you are cleaning. For most things, you’ll use it dry. IF you have a stubborn spot on your glasses,for example, dampening the cloth a bit may help.
Yes! You can toss it in the washer and dryer whenever you think it needs a cleaning. (No fabric softener, please.)
Yes! It is especially excellent for laptops as you don’t need to use any chemical cleaners. Just make sure the cloth is clean!
While the Perfect Cleaning Cloth is absolutely wonderful for cleaning glasses, dvd’s, camera lenses, computer screens, ipods, photographs, and other delicate surfaces but please do not use a “dirty” cloth previously used for glitter, sanding dust, powder and general crafts on those delicate surfaces. We recommend that you buy two cloths, reserving one for crafts and the other for delicate surfaces. They are available in a variety of ribbon trims so you can tell them apart.
The finished size is 3.5″ wide by 7.5″ long. This is a handy size for crafting and for carrying in your camera bag or with your eyeglasses.
If you purchase the Cloth from a retail store, you can choose your favorite ribbon, but sorry, not online. You may add a comment about your favorite color or pattern in the comment box when you place an online order and we’ll try to accommodate your request.
Yes. It does a stunning job removing fingerprints from photographs whether home or commercially printed—just make sure the cloth is dry.
The cloth is washable! Do not use fabric softener. If you get ink on the cloth, try using a spot remover, Carbona’s Stain Devils #3, or pre-soak it. To remove the Best Glue Ever, you might try using rubber cement thinner, another solvent cleaner, or Carbona’s Stain Devils #1.
Yes! It does a fabulous job–We’re told it’s even better than the one sold by the other company specifically for this purpose. It removes the residual fine dust making the distressed core pop!
Before stamping, I treat the paper with Perfect Crafting Pouch to eliminate static so stray embossing grains don’t stick where they’re not wanted. If I’ve used the pouch on dark paper, the anti-static powder is visible. So after heat setting embossing powder, I use the cloth to instantly lift all visible traces of the white anti-static powders left from the Perfect Crafting Pouch.
Yes! It’s amazing. Then shake it over your trash can to remove the glitter from the cloth.
It is a synthetic fiber made up of a blend of polyester and microfiber polymer which form a strand so small the human eye can barely see it. The strand appears star-shaped under a microscope. Those strands are then split into ultra-fine fibers, each about one-sixteenth the size of a human hair. The process used to split the strand creates a positive electric static charge which causes dirt, with its negative charge, to cling to dry cloths. The more strands, the better the attraction. The dirt is trapped until the microfiber is washed, or shaken vigorously-for larger particles. Fabric softener, meant to stop static cling, therefore reduces cleaning ability. We selected an extremely high quality, plush cloth which has a very high attraction to dirt particles.
It removes fingerprints and dirt from: - photographs - eyeglasses - acrylic albums & embellishments - camera lenses - scanner beds - laptop screens & desktop monitors - screens on phones, ipods & other electronic devices The Cloth also attracts like a magnet: - glitter, flock, Flower SoftTM other fine bling - sanding dust Perfect Crafting Pouch and other anti-static powders even from black paper!

Wheel of Embellies
Baker's Twine