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  • The Strap-N-Tap style is perfect for allprojects, cards, and scrapbook elements.
  • The full 3″ pad makes contact for faster and easier application to larger areas.
  • Held by ribbon handle, lining keeps hands clean.



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General FAQs

Perfect Crafting Pouch – General Questions

The Pouch is the”printing, stamping, ink-drying, embossing, anti-static, clay-releasing, sticker-deactivating Multi-Purpose Crafting Tool”. Often described as a felt ‘ravioli’ filled with a special formula of acid-free, talc-free, non-toxic powders, it: • Stops bleeding of wet inks Video:Stops Bleeding • Stops smearing of wet inks. Video: Stops Smearing • Dries inks instantly in a variety of applications • Stops static cling for glitter & embossing powders Video:Stops Static Cling • Works as a release agent for polymer clay and other modeling compounds Video:Stop Clay from Sticking • Deactivates stickers and adhesive residues. Video: Sticker De-Activator For an overview of what the Perfect Crafting Pouch does… Video:Pouch 101
Simply wipe or tap the Pouch to release a fine coating of powders. Whether you pre-treat your surface or apply it afterwards depends upon what you are using the pouch to do. For example, you pre-treat paper before inkjet printing, but you apply it to pigment ink after stamping to instantly dry it. You apply it to your molds and stamps to stop clay from sticking, and you apply it to tape runner to stop stickiness after adhering fibers.
Both styles essentially do the same things but it’s a matter of which is easier to use with what you intend to do. Both styles are lined to keep hands neat. • The Little Pouch is about 2”x3” and is held upright to neatly treat smaller areas such as titles and journaling boxes, ribbon and Popsicle sticks. It is less expensive. • The Strap•n•Tap is 3”x3.5”, lays flat, and makes treating larger surfaces like whole sheets of paper faster and easier. It’s also easier to dry pigment images and apply it to work surfaces for clay. It contains twice as much powders so it last longer, it is more expensive, and cuter! So you see, while it would be difficult & tedious to try to treat full sheets of paper with the Little Pouch, it could be messier to treat ribbon with the Strap n Tap. It is easier to dry stamped pigment ink images with the Strap n Tap, and may be easier to deactivate small stickers with the Little Pouch. If I had to choose one, I’d pick the Strap n Tap–but really, I use both!
No. The Perfect Printing Pouch improves printing and speeds drying with many forms of ink. There is no need to purchase a whole new set of ‘vellum markers’ since the pouch makes writing with regular markers crisp and dark like you are writing on cardstock. Try it with gel pens, stamp inks, permanent and water-based markers–even fabric markers! Testing has been limited to wet ink printers. (Lasers anyone?)
The different colors of the pouch are for fun not function; the contents of the pouches are all the same. Since we believe “variety is the spice of life” and “to each her own”, we make it available in an assortment of colors. (Purple lovers rejoice!)
Since very little is used in each application, it lasts a very long time. It’s hard to say how long as it depends upon how much and how often it is used. It typically lasts many years. The contents do not expire–they just eventually run out. It’s like using powdered blush. You use so little that it seems to last forever…then one day, you notice it’s running out. Unless you’ve loaned it out or lost it, eventually, the pouch will be empty. Then you can buy a new clean one!
No, but it will be messy, wasteful, and might be disruptive to your printer.
It’s recommended you store it back in the zip bag it comes in. (That said, it comes in, I prefer to leave mine in a soap dish on my work table so it’s always handy. I’ve never had an issue doing that even in humid Northeast summers, and a longtime fan in Florida does the same.)
That will not be good at all. Definitely, keep it dry!
It might look bad, but unless you get something on the surface which transfers to your next project, it should be fine.
Although it works by leaving a light coating of powders, a lot of consideration went into the design to keep it neat and tidy to use. Impervious linings keep hands powder-free, and the choice of material limits powder seepage. Try to apply the minimum you can to still have it work–especially when using it in a printer. You will need to tap and apply a lot more powders when stamping onto fabric than you would when inkjet printing onto vellum, which requires an extremely minimal coating. If you do see any visible traces on your final project, we recommend the Perfect Cleaning Cloth which attracts the powders like a magnet attracts iron filings.
1. Use less than you think you need and do a test. If you need more, you’ll know. Pretty quickly, you’ll get a feel for how little or how much you need. 2. Use a soap dish to rest the pouch in and keep it handy so you’ll think to use it more often. 3. Set the Strap N Tap upside-down to prevent any powders from leaking! (The lining will be between powder and the table.) 4. Watch our videos. While not cinematically acclaimed, they are very informative.
No, not everything, but If you have inking issues, this should be the first thing you reach for. It does an amazing job on so many materials, but you may get varying results with different types & brands of inks, papers, and with different materials. Also, it may take some experimentation to see what printer setting to use, how much powder you need, or which markers are improved most on what papers.
It depends. If used on light colored paper, for example, it becomes practically invisible. On metallic, black, or holographic paper, however, it would be visible if not removed. IF and only if powders are visible, we recommend gently dabbing or wiping with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove residual powders. (In most cases, removing the powder is not necessary, however.)

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