Perfect Crafting Pouch


The Multi-Use Tool you never knew you needed…
…and won’t ever want to be without again!


Product Description

• Stops bleeding & smearing of wet inks
    including inkjet printers; pigment, dye, and solvent inks; stamp pads; gel pens; permanent, alcohol, fabric, and water-based markers
    on slick and absorbent media including vellum, coated and textured papers; acetate, ribbon, twill tape, acrylic, fabric, wood, cork…
• Dries inks instantly from inkjet printing on vellum to over-stamping with pigment inks
• Anti-static protection from glitter, embossing powders, and other fine bling
• Release agent for polymer clay and other modeling compounds with stamps & molds
• Deactivates stickers, sticky tapes, and adhesives
• Adds “traction” for stamping on acrylic, acetate and slick media

Neat & tidy to keeps hands powder-free with scant residue on work surface.
The Perfect Crafting Pouch is amazing for all projects, cards, and scrapbook elements.


  • The Strap-N-Tap style is perfect for all projects, cards, and scrapbook elements.
  • The full 3″ pad makes contact for faster and easier application to larger areas.
  • Held by ribbon handle, lining keeps hands clean.

Size: 3″ x 3.5″; 1.5 oz

Little Pouch

  • The Little Pouch style is perfect for smaller projects, cards, and scrapbook elements.
  • Only 1/2″ of the pouch bottom makes contact with the surface, making detailed application neater.
  • Held upright, lined overlay grip keeps hands clean.

Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″;  .7 oz

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