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About Us

ScraPerfect , offering CRAFT PRODUCTS that WORK LIKE MAGIC, was born in the spring of 2003. Amy, a stay-at-home mom, was frustrated by inconsistent and unacceptable printing on vellum. She set out to find a solution and the result was The Perfect PrintingPouch™. For the first few months, all aspects of production from sewing and filling the pouches, designing the package, marketing, and shipping the product were done in house. After the product's debut at the Memory Trends Trade Show in September '03, other arrangements became necessary. All products continue to be manufactured and packaged in the USA, and wholesale orders are shipped by a woman-owned business in Oregon.

In January of 2006, The Strap•n•Tap™ style of pouch was conceived in response to requests, mainly by brides-to-be, for a faster way to treat full sheets of vellum. Although the product had no paid advertising, word about this magic product was quickly spreading on message boards and from magazine reviews. "No inkjet owner should be without this little felt ravioli-shaped pouch!" [Scrapbook Answers]. "We recommend you try The Perfect Printing Pouch™ for any vellum which resists printing." [Epson Printer INC.]

Amy continued development of products designed to address crafting challenges with the release of The Perfect Cleaning Cloth™ in 2008, Embellie Gellie™ in 2009, and Best Glue Ever™ in 2010. In 2011, the Pouch was renamed to the Perfect Crafting Pouch™ as is became the "Multi-purpose tool you never knew you needed, but never want to be without again!" for so much more than just printing. The Best Cleaner Ever™, the Earth-friendly, people-safe solvent to remove ink, adhesive and other stubborn stuff debuts in 2012. In 2013, Designer Transfer Foils were added in response to so many requests, and the No-Clog Writing Cap™ made its debut with immediate fanfare.

ScraPerfect products are available throughout the U.S., online, and in countries worldwide. If you wish to carry these products in your store, or know a store that shouldcarry them, please contact us.