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Embellie Gellie


The QUICK Pick-Up Tool for precisely placing small embellishments!

Product Description


  • Pick-up & precisely place small embellishments including beads, jewels & gems, buttons, sequins, charms, punched shapes, confetti and safe for decorating cakes, cookies and confections!
  • Perfect tackiness means it’s strong enough to pick up charms, yet releases die-cut letters with ease
  • Better than tweezers!  Items will not mar, bend or “pop”
  • Stable material won’t dry out or melt with time or temperature
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging with a long-lasting supply of Gellie

HIGHLY Recommended by:
Robin Moses   
Michty Maxx

3″ x 5″ Wt: .5oz

Embellie Gellie FAQs

After it’s been used, should I put it back in the box, toss it, or keep it on the wand?

We recommend just leaving the pearl of Gellie on the wand and keeping it close by at all times! Most people store the wand Gellie end up in a cup with their tools by their work table. When it becomes too dirty to pick up well, toss it and replace it with another small piece.

Any other tips you can share?

• You can mold the pearl to a pointy tip to make picking up teeny-weeny items easier to see.
• Works great paired with the Best Glue Ever.
• Use toothpicks if you want to share some with your friends…
…‘Course, your friends will think you’re the best ever if you buy them some of their own!

Do I need any special tools to use it?

Use the wand provided in the package. If you want to share some, your friends can use other applicators such as a sturdy toothpick or even a pencil–until they buy their own box!

Does it dry out in the package?

Nope. It doesn’t crack, shrink or change in any way.

How can I get it out of the carpet?

Remove as much as you can with your fingers. (Then you could try Carbona’s Stain Devils #7)

How do I store it?

Keep the box where you won’t lose it! Although extreme temperatures don’t seem to affect the Gellie, subjecting it to freezing or intense heat doesn’t seem like a great idea.

How do you actually use the stuff?

It’s really easy!

  1. Mold a pearl-sized ball of Embellie Gellie on the wand for easy pick-up and precise placement of small embellishments.
  2. Gently touch the Gellie to the embellishment –the less pressure the better!
  3. Put adhesive on project where you want the embellishment to be. (Use the Best Glue Ever, of course!)
  4. Touch embellishment to adhesive to transfer embellishment from less-tacky Gellie to the stickier adhesive.

Video: How to Use Embellie Gellie with the Best Glue Ever

How is this different from the other pick-up-stick plastic pen thingy?

This is much, much better! The other one, manufactured by a diecut machine company, was really designed only for picking up paper diecuts. When it’s warm, the other one gets stretchy like Silly PuttyTM and doesn’t release objects easily; then when it’s cold it has difficulty picking embellishments up.

Some people find it difficult to dispense and wasteful when they release enough to pick up gems, and it gets wiggley on the tip, so they end up pulling it off and throwing it away. Furthermore, the putty stuff leaves a residue on gems and other shiny things which is very frustrating. Then there’s the non-refillable plastic tool you toss when it’s empty.

Embellie Gellie is stable in all temperatures, leaves no residue, works equally well on chunky items as on thin paper die cuts, and has minimal packaging.

How long does one “pearl” of Gellie last?

Several weeks to many months. Eventually, it will be too grungy or covered with glitter, and you’ll just want to toss it and take another small piece.

How long will this little box last?

If one “pearl” lasts up from several weeks to many months, and there’s enough for at least eight little “pearls”… well you do the math!

I’ve always used tweezers. How’s this better?

Tweezers can mar some embellishments like vellum letters, textured cardstock, or shiny papers. And many of us have issues with beads and gems “popping” out of the tweezers. These are non-issues with Embellie Gellie!

Is Embellie Gellie difficult to use?

Not at all.There’s really nothing to learn or master. If things don’t release to your adhesive, try rolling them off the wand as opposed to lifting straight up, and find a tackier adhesive. (If you are using the Best Glue Ever, let it set a just little while and it gets tackier!)

Is the Gellie non-toxic?


It looks like braces wax. Hmmm. Can I just use bees wax?

Not recommended. Although waxes will pick up your embellishments, they are simply too tacky to release it. Embellie Gellie is the perfect tackiness to be strong enough to pick up heavy, chunky charms & gems, yet releases even lightweight confetti with ease. It’s a delicate balance!

It sounds easy. Does it really work this well?

Yup. Read the Craft Test Dummies Review

What if my dog gets into it?

The Gellie itself is non-toxic, but the plastic box will definitely be an issue, and a large mass of Gellie could pose a choking hazard for both pets and children.