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Best Cleaner Ever


The Best Cleaner Ever: Earth-Friendly Solvent for removing adhesive, ink, paint, and other stubborn stuff!

Product Description

The Best Cleaner Ever: The Earth-Friendly Solvent for removing adhesive, ink, paint, and other stubborn stuff

  • Safe for hands, tools, brushes, clear & rubber stamps, fabrics, & more
  • Removes: Solvent ink including StazOn; Permanent markers; Adhesive build-up on scissors; Latex, enamel, & spray paints, Duct tape residue; Best Glue Ever™– even from fabric; & more!!!
  • Contains 99.9% active ingredients. No water, alcohol, or abrasives
  • Apply from the pink spray bottle; rinses off with water
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • No Harmful Fumes

2 oz (59.2 ml)

Best Cleaner Ever FAQs

Can I dilute this with water?

No. It is not water-soluble and will not mix with water.

How do I remove the cleaner?

It can be removed simply by rinsing with plain water. Soap and water can also be used.

Is it irritating to skin? Should I remove it immediately?

No. Not only is is non-irritating, it won’t be absorbed into the skin and can form a protective barrier if left on the skin.

Is it scented?

Yes. It has a very faint pleasant scent. It is definitely not overpowering and may not even be noticeable.

Is the Best Cleaner Ever toxic?

No, but it is not recommended for consumption.

Must I use in well ventilated area?

No. It has no harmful fumes.

What makes this cleaner special?

The Best Cleaner Ever is a hard-working solvent, yet it is very safe for people and the earth. It is non-hazardous and biodegradable.