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No-Clog Writing Caps



No-Clog Writing Caps FAQs

Can I leave the cap on a bottle or must I remove it when I am done?

The choice is up to you. As long as you store the product with the Pin Top screwed tightly and the bottle in an upright position, the product should remain fine for the life of the product. A clean tip may be even more important when the product is not being used regularly.

If you do remove the cap from the bottle, you’ll want to clean all the parts including the tip immediately before the fluid has a chance to dry and make cleaning more difficult.

Can I remove the tip for cleaning?

Yes, and you should! 

  1. Unscrew and remove the white “Pin Top” (see diagram).
  2. Unscrew and remove the blue “Sleeve”.
  3. Twist the (colored) plastic “Writing Tip” counterclockwise 1/4 turn and remove.
  4. Wash “Writing Tip” until water freely flows through it. Using a cotton swab, toothpick, or needle may be helpful to remove build-up, and it may be necessary to use a solvent to dissolve dried-on materials. You may need to clean the white base cap, too.


  5. Reassemble by replacing the tip into the base cap and tightening it with a clockwise 1/4 turn  until it “locks” into place. Screw the blue sleeve back on.

We strongly recommend the BEST CLEANER EVER™ because not only is it an effective solvent, but it is people-safe and earth-friendly!

Do I need this cap for the Best Glue Ever™?

It’s really personal preference. Since the original spout on the bottle of the Best Glue Ever™ is designed for precise application and the tip rarely clogs, you don’t need the No-Clog Writing Cap™ if you practice a little on controlling the flow. However, even experts including ScraPerfect’s owner herself as well as most of the Design Team prefer the No-Clog Cap not only for those very fine lines and teeny tiny dots which makes gluing die cuts and lacey embellishments a breeze, but also because it makes the bottle last 2-3 times longer! However, there are applications where a little more glue is needed and so the best of both worlds is to have two bottles on your craft table: one bottle with the regular spout and one with the No-Clog Writing Cap™.

Remember, the first line of the direction on the Best Glue Ever label says, “USE SPARINGLY!” Using less glue will be neater, will dry faster, and will make the bottle of glue last even longer, and the NO-clog writing cap definitely helps you use less glue.

PS: To help reduce the chance of clogging, pull off any little goobers that form on the tip of the spout with your fingernails rather than pushing it in with a pin.

HELP! Liquid is oozing out around the blue collar.

It sounds as if the tip is not seated correctly in the cap. Luckily, this is an easy fix!

  1. Unscrew the blue collar (turning counter-clockwise). If it’s very gummed up, you may need pliers to untwist the collar.
  2. Remove the stainless steel tip. If it were properly seated, you will need to twist it 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to remove it; but if this is the problem, it will already be falling out.
  3. Clean the tip and cap thoroughly. You may need to use a solvent depending upon what product is oozing out. (We recommend the Best Cleaner Ever™.)
  4. For help cleaning the cap, refer to the FAQ “Can I remove the tip for cleaning?”. There are step-by-step directions and a video tutorial.
HELP! Nothing is coming out of my brand new cap.

Although very rare, two customers received defective caps with a thin bit of plastic covering the hole. Luckily, the “fix” is simple.

This is what the hole should look like from the inside the cap:


This is what the hole should look like from outside the cap:
top of cap

This is what a defective cap looked like:


THE FIX: Poke an awl, doll needle, finishing nail or other sturdy implement through the cap to create the hole.

Stephanie sent this photo, saying fixing it was “totally easy” and even though the hole she made was small, she said it worked perfectly. (She then enlarged the hole, as recommended.)


PLEASE contact us if this doesn’t solve your problem!

How long will the cap last?

Nothing lasts forever, but with care and proper cleaning, the cap will last a very long time. When a product is empty, we recommend a thorough cleaning before transferring it onto the new bottle.

The liquid I’m using seems too thick for the tip. Any ideas?

Well, you either you need a thicker tip or a thinner liquid.

THICKER TIP: In addition to the fine tip that is in the cap when purchased, there is a thicker tip in a baggie included in the package. We also offer two other tips (sold separately). One is even thinner, but the Thickest Tip might just do the trick!

THINNER LIQUID: You can try to add a little water for water-based fluids or an appropriate solvent for others, but be aware that it could change the product. (For example, we have found thinning Glossy Accents™ with just a few drops of water makes it much easier to apply!)

What are the sizes of the different caps and tips?


  • Small cap: 15/410
  • Medium cap: 20/410
  • Large cap: 24/410


  • Xtra-Fine tip: 20 gauge (yellow plastic base on tip)
  • Fine tip: 18 gauge (pink plastic base on tip)
  • Thicker tip: 16 gauge (clear or purple plastic base on tip)
  • Thickest tip: 14 gauge (green plastic base on tip)

Pin Top

  • White Pin Top for the Fine & Thicker tips has 18 gauge wire.
  • White Pin Top for the Xtra-Fine tip has a 20 gauge wire.
  • Blue Pin top for the Thickest Tip has a 14 gauge wire
Why is it recommended the bottle be stored upright?

Storing upright is most important when using the Thicker tip (in a tiny bag in the package) because the pin doesn’t fit quite as snugly into the that tip as it does into the fine tip.

Although the Pin Top seals the bottle when screwed tightly, there is a chance that liquid can seep out the tip and pool inside when the bottle is horizontal. Liquid won’t leak out of the closed cap, but it could be messy when the Pin Top is removed. If the bottle remains standing while capped, the leakage potential is eliminated!

Why would I need a No-Clog Writing Cap?
  • If you get frustrated by a product that tends to clog, the No-Clog Writing Cap™ will solve this problem. We LOVE this cap for the glossy glazes that always clog in their caps!
  • If the tip on your product’s bottle isn’t fine enough–especially if you must cut the tip of the spout, this cap will solve that problem!
  • If you’d like to write with a product –like acrylic paint, the No-Clog Writing Cap™ converts a bottle to a “pen”, so you don’t need a brush!