Perfect Crafting Pouch

ScraPerfect’s PERFECT CRAFTING POUCH: The Printing,  Stamping,  Ink-drying,  Embossing,  Anti-static,  Clay-releasing,  Sticker-deactivating
~Multi-Purpose Crafting Tool~

So many different uses for one product!

  • DRIES INKS instantly
  • ANTI-STATIC BAG for glitter & embossing powders
  • RELEASE AGENT for polymer clay & other modeling compounds 
  • DE-ACTIVATES stickers, sticky tapes, and other adhesives     
      Neat & tidy to use                                                   
       Made from eco-friendly material                            
       Variety of colors (pink, purple, yellow/red, blue/green)




  • The Little Pouch style is perfect for smaller projects, cards, and scrapbook elements.
  • Only 1/2″ of the pouch bottom makes contact with the surface, making detailed application neater.
  • Held upright, lined overlay grip keeps hands clean.
  • The Strap-N-Tap style is perfect for all projects, cards, and scrapbook elements.
  • The full 3″ pad makes contact for faster and easier application to larger areas.
  • Held by ribbon handle, lining keeps hands clean.

MSRP $7.99

Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″
Weight: .7 oz.

MSRP $11.99

Size: 3″ x 3.5″
Weight: 1.5 oz.


Video: WHAT the pouch can do… (Do you believe in magic????)


Video: Watch this to learn HOW to use the pouch… It’s time well spent!

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