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Best Glue Ever


The ‘Quick-Stick’ for Paper & Embellishments
For paper and small embellishments such as gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, glitter and more

(See below for more about the Best Glue Ever.)

2 oz (59.2 ml)

Product Description

  • Dries fast, clear, tacky and flexible with a super strong bond
  • Use sparingly! Bonds paper to paper in seconds without wrinkling
  • Minimal glue is required. One bottle lasts and lasts!
  • Adheres a variety of materials including paper, vellum, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam, wood, rubber and more
  • Thin writing tip for detail applications and for use with glitter, flock, and other fine bling.
    Optional: No-Clog Writing Cap available (size large) for extra control and super fine lines and dots.
  • Makes homemade Glue Spots. It’s easy & inexpensive
  • Acid-free, nontoxic, non-stringy, no fumes, low odor
  • Re-positionable or permanent
  • Does not show through vellum or bleed through ribbon
  • Wet glue cleans up with soap & water, yet dries permanent even on fabric. ScraPerfect’s Best Cleaner Ever™ removes dry glue!

    Note: This glue is super strong so use it very sparingly; it will be neater, dry faster, and last longer! Exposed glue remains tacky.

Best Glue Ever FAQs

Any suggestions if a little glue is exposed and sticky where I don’t want it to be?

• Tap the Perfect Crafting Pouch™ onto the sticky area to de-activate it.
• Remove the glue by rubbing with a soft vinyl eraser or special “glue eraser ”
• Add a gem or other embellishment to cover the glue!
• Use the BEST CLEANER EVER™ if glue is on a non-porous surface or can be washed, but always test first in inconspicuous place

Any tricks for gluing non-porous or tough-to-glue materials together?

When gluing non-porous materials together, you may need to apply glue to both pieces and let them each dry clear & tacky before pressing them together. (We say may because you might not need to do this.)

Can I glue fabric seams, or fabric to fabric?

It depends. We recommend using the “fabric trick” of applying glue to one side and letting it begin to dry to clear and tacky before pressing fabric together which most likely will work fine for fabrics thick enough not to allow the glue to seep through. (Pressing fabric together with wet glue often pushes the glue through the fabric and results in less successful bonding.).

Unfortunately, if  the fabric is thin enough to allow wet glue to seep through, then it will probably will remain visible and be tacky. Try the “fabric trick” (described above) when “bad” side will be protected, covered, or otherwise hidden.

Can I glue foam together?

Yes (and no) depending upon the type of foam:

  • Yes, for colorful craft foam like foam sheets & shapes.
  • Yes for styrofoam packing peanuts, but no for styrofoam floral shapes which has too many air spaces.
  • Yes for homemade ‘Flower Soft’ which is made from styrofoam floral shapes rubbed together.
  • Yes, for cushion foam (polyurethane).
  • No for latte foam, LOL:)
Can I glue gems or glitter to fabric, and can I safely wash the fabric?

Yes! Apply gems or glitter to wet glue and lett glue cure for 24-72 hours.  Turn garments inside out before washing. Hand washing is recommended, but use gentle cycles if you choose to machine wash and dry.

Can I really make homemade glue dots? How strong are they?

ABSOLUTELY! They are simple to make, very inexpensive, and as strong or stronger than commercially made adhesive spots!

Can I stamp with the glue?

Yes!  Then you can add glitter, or let it dry to tacky and foil it. Simply, apply a very thin layer to your stamp using a foam brush, your finger, a piece of foam, or make a “pad” from felt. Wash the stamp (and “brush” or fingers) with soap and water immediately. If the glue dries and becomes sticky, use ScraPerfect’s Best Cleaner Ever™ to remove it.  If you apply glitter to stamped fabric, let it dry 24-48 hours and turn the garment inside-out before washing.

Can I use it for Foiling?

Yes. Apply the glue very, very thinly. Applying it thinly will dry in seconds and will yield much better finished results. (You can even water the glue down a tiny bit if you need it thinner.)

Judging from a quick google search, nail artists LOVE the Best Glue Ever™ for foiling on nails. For example, see Kyong Lee’s video  or Robin Moses’ blog post.

Here’s a video by DsMahnken applying the Best Glue Ever™ with a rubber roller to an embossing folder/ texture plate. She then uses ScraPerfect’s Best Cleaner Ever to clean her roller!


Can I use it for repairs?

We typically say it is not a “repair glue”, however, it works really, really well in many circumstances! We have been told by customers about how well it’s working for all sorts of repairs because it’s such a strong and adaptable adhesive. For example, it has been used to adhere a loose bathroom tile to the wall, several side-view car mirrors to their frames, a glass pane to an antique wooden cabinet door, and several stamp pads have been glued back into their plastic cases. Remember, this glue remains flexible so it will not be safe to repair a cracked coffee cup handle, and since it may seep through thin fabrics, it depends upon what is being repaired!

Can I use it on acrylic nails?

We’re hearing lots of people are loving it for that and a google search confirms it. But please understand that it is a craft glue, and it is not labeled in accordance with the FDA’s cosmetic guidelines.

Robin Moses Nail ArtFoil Tricks

Robin Moses Nail Art-Foiled Background

Robin Moses Zebra Nail Art


Can I use the Best GlueEver™ as a glaze?

No. This glue does not dry hard and shiny. It dries flexible and tacky.

Can I use the glue as a fray stopper on fabrics?

No. Remember, this glue remains tacky!

Can it be diluted?

Yes. Use plain water to thin the glue if desired. (Use distilled water, if available.) Diluting with water will make glue more “paintable”, but might reduce tackiness.

Does the Best Glue dry flexible on fabric, and is it washable?

Yes. It is both flexible and washable. (“Washable” means permanent even when washed, not that it washes out.) Let glue set 24-72 hours to cure before washing. Turn garment inside-out. Though hand washing is recommended, you should be able to machine wash and dry on gentle cycles. If you are trying to remove the glue, try using the BEST CLEANER EVER™.

Does the glue dry clear?

Yes! It dries clear, and remains tacky and flexible even when dry.

Does this glue form those annoying strings?


How can I remove the Best Glue Ever™?

When wet, this water-based glue can be removed with soap and warm water; the less time it has to set up, the easier it will be to remove. When dry, it’s fantastically tacky which makes it so great for embellishments– but that also makes it hard to clean off your hands, tools, table, etc. This is why it’s important to use less than you think you need, being careful and neat in the application.
After the glue has dried, it may be possible to use a polymer eraser to rub off glue from paper .

The easiest and safest way to un-glue your hands, tools, and your projects without leaving any residue is with the BEST CLEANER EVER™. It is 100% safe for skin, has no fumes, and is biodegradable. It is safe AND very effective!

How do I glue down ribbon?

Since applying wet glue to fabric may bleed through, use the fact that The Best Glue Ever™ dries tacky to your advantage with this “Fabric Trick”! Apply a thin bead or line of dots to your paper where you want the ribbon to be. Let the glue start to dry to clear and tacky. (This glue dries FAST, and the thinner the application, the faster it dries!) When it turns from white to clear, it’s dry; however, you might choose to apply the ribbon even before it’s totally clear. Now apply your ribbon to the tacky glue, and since the glue is dry, it can’t bleed-through!

How long does it take to dry?

The glue starts to dry immediately. Full drying depends upon how thickly it was applied and what you are gluing. Cardstock to card stock is dry in under 10 seconds. Large adhesive dots may take hours to fully dry. Most things are dry in seconds to minutes.

How strong is the “re-positionable” hold”?

It is quite strong. It stays stuck unless you actively remove the object. In fact, we use this method to attach ribbon to paper. If you really want to remove the ribbon, you can, but unless you pull it, it won’t simply fall off.

If I refurbish my die cut mats, does the glue gunk up the cutting blade?

No, it will be just like a new mat–and maybe better — because you can control the tackiness by how much glue you apply. If you find new mats too tacky like we do, your refurbished mats don’t have to be as sticky! Just apply a very thin coating of glue; you may even wish to dilute it with water to make it more paintable and less tacky, too.


(Note: we are not responsible for damage caused by using refurbished mats on your die cut machine.) 

Is it acid free?


Is LATEX in the Best Glue Ever™?

No, the Best Glue Ever™ is latex-free, containing no latex!

Is the Best Glue Ever™ vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! It contains no animal products and we never test on animals.

Is the glue non-toxic?


Is there a smell?

It is a water-based glue and has no strong odor.
(If you open the lid and sniff directly into the bottle, you can detect a very faint odor.)

It seems to get tackier as it is drying. Am I crazy?

I don’t know about your mental state, but you are right about the glue! Use this to your advantage:

  • If you’re gluing folded stiff paper that wants to unfold, wait a little bit before pressing together and the glue will grab even better.
  • If something didn’t get glued well, try just pressing it together again without adding more glue.
  • If you place dots of glue on your project and wait just a bit, it gets tackier and even easier to use Embellie Gellie™ to transfer gems and other embellishments to the glue. (Permanent hold requires wet glue, so you may not want it to let it dry totally to clear.)
  • Apply glue to the back of buttons and chunky charms and let it start to dry. This way, when you place it on your project, it won’t be able to move around at all while the glue dries. (Even when wet, the glue holds chunky, heavy objects pretty well without slipping!)
Permanent or Repositionable???? Are there two versions of this glue?

There are not two versions of the glue, but it can be either permanent or repositionable depending upon how you use it. (Isn’t that cool???)

To understand it better, try this: put a tiny bit on a piece of scrap paper and set it aside. Put a tiny bit on another scrap of paper and put another scrap on top of it. In a matter of seconds, these will be bonded together. It’s permanent! Meanwhile, the first scrap that you allowed to dry is now clear and even tackier than when it was wet. If you stick another scrap on top, it adheres but you can pull it apart and stick it back together–kind of like a Post-It NoteTM–but much, much stronger. That’s re-positionable!

Permanent or Re-positionable…You Choose!

What about hot or cold temperatures?

Always keep from freezing. Keep away from extreme heat. WINTER NOTE: We ship year round and have not had issues–even shipping to Alaska. As a precaution, we add additional high quality “anti-freeze” to our formula to avoid problems during transport, but we can not be responsible for the glue if it is exposed to freezing upon arrival at its destination. As with all glues and paints, keep from freezing!

What are your best tips for using the Best Glue Ever™?
    It will:

    • be neater to use
    • dry faster
    • have no wrinkling even on thin paper
    • make the bottle last longer
      …and it will still have a very strong bond!
  • Use a No-Clog Writing Cap (size large) to help you limit how much come out.
  • Shake glue into tip before applying pressure on the bottle to provide better control as it first comes out of the bottle.
  • Use the bottle like a pen by touching the tip to the paper for better control as it’s flowing out, so you can make tiny dots, thread-thin lines, and even use the tip for spreading.

Remember…this glue ain’t no ordinary tacky white glue!

What if I leave the cap off?

You can leave the cap off while crafting without problems. Though not recommended, I have to admit I have left mine off for days and the glue is fine.

• A little glue-dot “goober” plug may form in/on the tip of the spout which essentially “caps” the glue. If this happens. it’s usually easy to unplug. First try to pull it out with your fingernails rather than poking it back in with a pin. (You may find dipping a pin into the Best Cleaner Ever™ is helpful to clear a bad plug.)

• The glue may thicken slightly over time. Although many prefer it like this, if you want it thinner, simply add a couple drops of water to thin the glue, but only add a couple drops at a time!

What if the fine tip gets clogged?

Typically, there is a little buggery dot of glue that has formed in or on the tip. Simply use your fingernails and literally “pull the plug”! This plug may be what keeps the glue from drying out when it is uncapped for long periods of time. Occasionally, when there is a real clog, use a paperclip or pin to open the tip. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen very often! If your cap is really gunked up, you can wash out the liquid glue out with soap and water. Then fully clean the cap with THE BEST CLEANER EVER™.

What makes the BEST GLUE EVER™ different than the other glues on the market?
  • This does-it-(almost) all glue has seriously made glue-converts out of glue-haters.
  • Dries fast, clear, and has a super strong hold.
  • Adheres a variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam,
    wood, rubber and more.
  • Bonds paper to paper in seconds without wrinkling.
  • Doesn’t run or spread and chunky objects don’t slide while the glue is drying.
  • Has a thin tip for writing and detailed applications.
  • Can use with glitter, flock, and other bling.
  • Is both repositionable or permanent.
  • Can remove wet glue with soap & water, yet is permanent on fabric even when washed and dried.
  • Is acid-free, nontoxic, non-stringy, and has no fumes!
  • Let’s you make homemade “Glue Dots™ which are inexpensive, simple to make, and as strong or stronger than bought ones!
  • Is used to recondition die cut machine mats so you’ll never need to buy another mat!
  • Can adhere ribbon to paper without bleeding through.
  • When applied thinly is great for transfer foils!
  • Is super strong! Using it sparingly makes it VERY economical to use!

What materials can I glue with it?

Use this craft glue for paper, chip board, plastic, metal, glass, acrylic, acetate, fabric, fibers, wood, leather, rubber, foam and just about anything else you need to adhere. Also, use it for applying glitter, flock, transfer foil, gold leaf flakes, Flower Soft™, and other fine bling.

What size No-Clog Writing Cap™ fits the Best Glue Ever™?

The LARGE Cap fits ScraPerfect’s Best Glue Ever™.

What’s the best way to adhere embellishments?

The best way is the one that you find the easiest! With the Best Glue Ever™, you have choices!
For example, here are three ways to adhere a button to a card:

  1. Dot some glue on the paper and stick the button right onto the wet glue. It will not slide around as the glue is very thick and tacky.
  2. Apply the glue to the back of the button and let it dry to clear. It will become a sticky spot (like a Glue Dot™). Just press it onto the page and it’s stuck with no oozing glue possible.
  3. Make homemade glue dots and peel one off the paper to apply to the button, or make sheets of pre-sticky buttons all ready for when you want to use them!

Here are some tips for adhering tiny die cut letters:

  • Shake the glue into the tip before you apply any pressure on the bottle so you’ll have maximum control of how much glue comes out.
  • Use Embellie Gellie™ to hold the letters as you apply tiny little dots and thread-thin lines of glue to the back of the diescuts.
  • Lightly touch the glued letters to your project and they will be stuck fast!


Will homemade glue spots dry out or lose their stick?

No. They remain just as tacky as the commercially made ones you buy.

Will it wrinkle paper?

No, but use the glue sparingly, as directed. Using a small amount is all you need to get a strong bond, to make the glue last longer, to be neater, and to eliminate wrinkling. (Wrinkling is caused by the water in glues; the more water it contains, the more wrinkles. As the Best Glue Ever™ has minimal water content, it does not run like other water-based glues, does not wrinkle paper, and using only a minimal amount means it lasts a very long time!)